Try sitting your baby on your lap when you eat your dinner.

Finger food is a great option to make the baby eat solid food.

. First, self-feeding in itself is a good habit that is good to be developed in your child.

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Mini burgers made with chicken or beans in a bread roll.

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Most babies don't learn how to wield a spoon until 15 to 18 months, and even then it's messy. He tends to gag when we put any kind of food such as small cut up pieces of chicken or vegetables. Zambia | 70K views, 3.

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Introduce new weaning foods one at a time.


Important Tips for Transitioning Baby to Table Foods Easily. Cut some pieces of food up to the right size for him and put them near to him on your plate.

. Grabbing at your food or your plate.


You will be surprised to see your baby licking the food from the finger all by himself or herself.

Be a role model: eat together, and let her watch what you do.

2,5. (Follow instructions in part 1) Give other food that have a crunch but melt easily, like cheese curls and graham crackers. 384K views 9 years ago.

By 18-24 months they will be able to feed themselves with a fork or spoon. . . Zambia | 70K views, 3. . .

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Initially, your baby may grab for the food with. .

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• Hold the loaded spoon 1 inch in front of your child’s mouth.

You can never make your child eat, not if you want to be a kind, empathetic, positive influence on your child.


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